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Mark type and number

Mark Type and Number will be constructed as follows.

The Mark Type will be one of the following:

CP Mapping Control Point
CR Cadastral Reference Mark
GB Geodetic Bench Mark
MM Miscellaneous Survey Mark
PM Permanent Mark
SS State Survey Mark
TS Trigonometrical Station

The mark type is followed by a number in the range 1 - 99999999. This may be followed by a witness / eccentric number in the range 1 - 99.

The Name is used in conjunction with trig stations and is the Geographical Names Board approved name for the station. If (P) appears at the end of the name, the station is marked with a concrete or steel pillar.

The Alias is a cross-reference to mark identifiers issued by other organisations or the survey mark may have been previously known as a different name or number.


The Status of survey marks (where available) is described by one of the following codes:

Status Code Description Remarks
D Destroyed Evidence was found that the mark was destroyed.
N Not Found Mark was searched for and not found, however no evidence exists to indicate that it was destroyed.
Mark was found, however it was in an unstable condition or there was evidence that it had been disturbed or moved to another location.
Status will remain uncertain until verified by survey.
Coordinates are to be used with caution.
S Subsidence Area Mark is located in an area identified by the Mines Subsidence Board as being subject to movement.
Coordinates are to be used with caution.
F Found Intact Mark was found in good condition.
R Restricted Access Mark has been placed in a restricted access area such as Railway corridor.
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