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Useful links

SP1 - the Inter-Governmental Advisory Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) - Standards and Practices for Control Surveys (SP1).

Geodesy and GPS (Geoscience Australia) - the definitive source for a National perspective on Geodesy, GPS and related activities.

AUSPOS - Geoscience Australia's online GPS processing service.

Exploring GPS (PDF 2.7 MB) - Spatial services own widely acclaimed easy-to-read publication about GPS. It's free!

MapTools - a user-friendly site for understanding coordinate systems.

ICSM Fundamentals of Mapping - a comprehensive general overview to maps and the mapping process - with particular regard to Australia and New Zealand.

AUSGeoid - all you need to know about the latest Australian Geoid model.

ITRF - the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.

AGRF - find out the current magnetic declination at any location using the Australian Geomagnetic Referenece Field online calculator.

NIS - the Navigation Information Service operated by the US Coast Guard as a point of contact for civil GPS users.

NGS Antenna Calibrations - National Geodetic Survey GPS antenna calibration site - United States of America.

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