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GIS issues

The significant implication for GIS users is the adoption of MGA as the official grid projection for GDA. MGA replaces AMG and ISG which were projections used with AGD66 in NSW.

The Surveyor General of NSW has also endorsed the use of a GDA Lambert projection for state-wide GIS and mapping applications. See the NSW Policy for Lambert Conformal Conic Projection (PDF 3.6 MB) document for more information.

Details of the parameters for all projections and ellipsoids relevant to NSW are listed in our Map projections page.

GIS software

GIS users need to incorporate GDA and the new projections within their systems and convert existing data to GDA94. Most GIS applications support datum transformations, however the methodology and accuracy is not the same for all GIS software. GIS users should confirm with their vendor that the software meets their GDA requirements.

GIS software supporting the high accuracy transformation - Australian NTv2 Distortion Grid methodology is recommended. This will ensure compatibility across the whole industry.

For more information on GIS software see our Conversion Software page on this site, or the ICSM GDA software site.

The GDA Implementation Guide (PDF 8.3 KB) may assist with planning your GDA conversion strategy.

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