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DatumTran software

DatumTran transforms typical GIS data files between Australian Geodetic Datums (AGD84 / AGD66) and GDA94. This includes between MGA, AMG and ISG grid (projection) coordinates or geographic (lat/long) positions.

DatumTran also transforms the same file types between GDA94 and ITRF* (International Terrestrial Reference Framework).

The following data file types are supported:

  • MapInfo MIF/MID
  • ARC Export E00
  • Arc Ungenerate files
  • AutoCad DXF
  • Well Known Text (WKT)
  • GENAMAP export (not binary) EE
  • ASCII text
  • CSV (comma separated variables)
  • ESRI shape (binary)

The user is guided through a step by step process to transform the positional data held within a file from one datum to another by creating a file identical to the original, but with coordinates on the new datum. The program now includes a batch processing option for multiple file selection.

The program uses the following National transformation grid distortion models (NTv2):

  • AGD66 to GDA94 (A66 National (13.09.01).gsb)
  • AGD84 to GDA94 (National A84 (02.07.01).gsb)

The program uses an iterative process for the reverse transformation.

A buffer limit within this version limits the number of characters in a line of text to 300. Any characters beyond this will be lost in the transformation.

Datumtran was developed by the former Land and Property Information and is available free as a download or on CD ROM by contacting

Download DatumTran v1.6 (2 January 2008) (EXE 14.7 MB).

* ITRF transformation is a two stage process using current epoch and ITRF2000(IGS).

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