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Conversion software

The following applications are provided free of charge by Spatial Services – Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to support implementation of the Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA).

(Whilst all effort is made to ensure the accuracy and currency of these applications, Spatial Services does not accept responsibility for any actions arising from their use).

MGA Combined Scale Factor

The Combined Scale Factor (CSF) is applied to distances measured on the ground to reduce them to a map projection.

Download a spreadsheet (XLS 19.5 KB) that will calculate the MGA Combined Scale Factor (including the Geoid separation).

View a graph (nomogram) for the MGA Combined Scale Factor.

GEOD - Transformation Software

GEOD is a Windows compatible program that will transform individual points or files of point data (csv, ssv, acs27) between various coordinate systems in use across Australia.

View more detailed information or download GEOD.

DatumTran - Transformation Software

DatumTran is a windows compatible program that transforms common GIS data files of grid or geographic coordinates between Australian Geodetic Datums (AGD66 / AGD84) and GDA94.

DatumTran (v1.6) also transforms between GDA94 and ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Framework).

DatumTran (v1.6) supports many ASCII data file formats and also ESRI binary 'shape' files.

View more detailed information or download DatumTran.

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