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Information sheets

Protecting survey marks (PDF 2.7 MB)
Published January 2016

Survey marks support billions of dollars of investment, property rights and infrastructure.

Survey services (PDF 153.9 KB)
Published January 2016

Under direction from the Surveyor General, LPI plays a vital role in supporting the survey industry in NSW.

Mapping and spatial services (PDF 3.1 MB)
Published January 2016

Geospatial data is gathered from ground surveys, aerial and satellite imagery and is used to produce a wide range of digital and hard copy products and services.

CORSnet-NSW (PDF 1.1 MB)
Published December 2015

CORSnet-NSW uses the latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology to provide an accurate spatial reference network for NSW and support the growing number of precise positioning.

LPI Web Services Profile: NSW Topographic Map Cache (PDF 373.5 KB)
Published November 2015

The NSW Topographic Map web service contains rasterised topographic maps covering NSW. This service displays the current standard Topographic maps from the 1:100,000; 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 series.

LPI Web Services Profile: NSW Property (PDF 106.9 KB)
Published June 2015

The NSW Property web service provides access to a polygon feature class that spatially represents an aspatial property description as provided by the Valuer Generals Department in their ValNet database.

LPI Web Services Profile: NSW Cadastre (PDF 201.9 KB)
Published June 2015

NSW Cadastre web service is a dynamic map of cadastral features extracted from the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB).

LPI Web Services Profile: NSW Base Map (PDF 111.2 KB)
Published April 2015

The NSW Base Map web service depicts a map of NSW using layers from the Digital Topographic Database, the Geocoded Urban and Rural Addressing System database and the Digital Cadastral Database.

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