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Topographic maps

Topographic maps show contours, streams, roads, buildings, place names, points of interest, vegetation, selected administrative boundaries, and more.

They are used by emergency services, bush walkers, environmental resource managers, engineers and others for planning, development and recreational activities.

The individual folded maps are A0 size. Generally, the maps are at scales of 1:25,000 in the eastern region, 1:50,000 in the central region and 1:100,000 in the western region of NSW.

Purchase topographic maps

Printed and electronic versions of Spatial Services topographic maps are available through the Spatial Services Portal.

Topographic Map Catalogue

Full state preview of available hardcopy topographic map titles, year of map production, imagery date and scale. Access the topographic map catalogue.


To obtain a printed catalogue showing the coverage of each topographic map or to make an enquiry:


T: +61 2 6332 8123

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