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Buy maps and imagery

Purchasing online

To purchase maps go to the Spatial Services portal.

Map and aerial photo sales: counter, email and phone orders

Maps, photos and a range of related products can be purchased from office in Bathurst. Please contact Bathurst by phone or email to place your order.

Topographic Map Catalogue

Now available featuring full state preview of available hardcopy topographic map titles, year of map production, imagery date and scale. Access the topographic map catalogue.

Bathurst map sales

346 Panorama Avenue

Bathurst NSW 2795


T: 02 6332 8123

Office hours

8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Spatial data

All enquiries regarding spatial data should be directed to the appropriate Business Development Officer from Spatial Data Services.

General enquiries


T: 02 6332 8410

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