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Image of GDA LogoGDA94(2010) refers to a new realisation of the Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994. Coordinates in GDA94(2010) are derived through direct connections to the Australian Fiducial Network (AFN) - see Regulation 13 certification.

Coordinates from CORSnet-NSW are provided with respect to this realisation of GDA94 to provide uniform solutions across the network and to be compatible with other CORS networks around Australia.

These high accuracy coordinates are a fundamental requirement for a seamless positioning network and the provision of network solutions.

The NSW Survey Control Network is based on GDA94(1997), an earlier realisation which was adjusted in 1997.

Coordinates in GDA94(1997), including those for CORS, are available through SCIMS Online and are sometimes referred to as local coordinates - see Local Tie Survey.

Although GDA94(1997) coordinates also stem from the AFN, most of them are only linked indirectly through many layers of measurements and adjustments.

Measurement inaccuracies and errors propagate through these layers resulting in distortions of up to 0.3 m in the horizontal component and 0.7m vertically.

To connect to GDA94(1997), and AHD71 for elevation, using CORSnet-NSW, it is necessary to perform a localisation or site calibration.

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