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CORSnet-NSW for surveying and mapping

Fast facts

  • CORSnet-NSW provides the flexibility of on demand positioning solutions.
  • No need for your own base station. Saves money, saves time, eliminates security issues.
  • Already have a base station? You may be able to turn your base into a second rover to double productivity.
  • With CORSnet-NSW you get immediate connectivity to GDA94. All sites are coordintated through Regulation 13 certification.

Authorised Resellers

CORSnet-NSW subscriptions for Surveying and Mapping are available through the Authorised Resellers listed below. If you would like additional information about subscription options or pricing, please contact your preferred Authorised Reseller.

Authorised Reseller Location(s) Contact Information
Website will open in new window Rydalmere, NSW (02) 9638 0055
Website will open in new window Thornleigh, NSW (02) 9473 5300
Website will open in new window Mascot, NSW (02) 9552 8370
Website will open in new window Broadmeadow, NSW (02) 4962 3840
Website will open in new window Bundoora, VIC (03) 9466 5255
Website will open in new window Eleebana, NSW (02) 4948 4509


Which subscription?

  • A Premium Subscription will give you access all CORSnet-NSW services. This includes single base, nearest base and network RTK solutions as well as archived data.
  • Subscriptions available for archived data only if preferred.

How to get access?

  • Contact your preferred Authorised Reseller to purchase a subscription. If your equipment supplier isn't listed as an Authorised Reseller, contact CORSnet-NSW Customer Support.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are the sites? The latest coverage map is available on our Network Information page. The live status of every CORS is also available on our web portal.
  • What accuracy can I get? Anywhere that Network RTK coverage is available should provide accuracies at the 2 cm level. Single base RTK will also provide this accuracy within approximately 20 km from the base. Single base RTK accuracy will reduce the further you are from the site and 50 km can be considered a typical limit for RTK solutions. Sub-metre solutions are available State-wide.
  • What if I can't get mobile reception? Our users report that reception is better than they expected. They can access CORS data in places where they cannot make a phone call. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone provide coverage maps on their websites. To improve reception, an external antenna or a radio bridge can be used. Authorised Resellers may be able to offer trial access to determine whether mobile reception is adequate.
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